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In a sudden moment, David is left alone in the world. Everyone, but him, has disappeared. As he searches for answers through a suburban nightmare he faces terrifying surprises, and a malevolent force that hunts him until the reveal of the horrifying truth.

Written, Directed and Edited by: Kyle Martellacci

Starring: Renny Jachowicz, Stephanie Moran, Charles Alexander

Music by: William McTavish

Special Make-up FX by: On Scene FX

Released: 2016

Watch the Full Film below:

Poster Design by Kyle Martellacci

Behind the scenes look at some of the practical special effects of CANDY SKIN:

"The film is beautifully shot, great location with a deeply eerie setting that helps emphasize the bizarre occurrences that begin to take shape." -

"Candy Skin plays out like a sick dream where all your worst fears and nightmares unfold." - The Slaughtered Bird

Teaser Poster

by Kyle Martellacci

Alternate Poster

by Kyle Martellacci

candy skin laurel wallpaper

Poster featuring the laurels of some of the Official Selections

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