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Kyle Martellacci is not just someone with an impossible to pronounce last name, he is an avid consumer of horror. Relishing in the evils on screen, Kyle was inspired from a very young age to create his own horrific stories, often having marks deducted on projects in elementary school for making his stories too violent. Since then he has developed a passion for not only creating these stories, but bringing them to life on screen. Having written, directed and edited 12 short films over the last 6 years he aspires to create narratives that engage and thrill viewers, and hopefully that haunt them when it's all over.


While many of his films have made their debuts online, Kyle has grown interested in the horror festival scene, having screened multiple short films in festivals around the world - a more appropriate audience for his work than grade school teachers.


With experience in a number of production positions including, actor, writer, editor, director, cinematographer and composer, Kyle enjoys the whole of the filmmaking process and hopes to continue using film as a creative outlet for his dark creations.

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